Basics to tasting

Let’s face it, Wine has this aura of romance and prestige around it which, undoubtedly, makes it’s drinkers seem more fancy than they really are (a fact we dare not correct), but sadly, additionally serves as a hindrance to many a newcomer a like looking to venture into this holy-est of beverages! Not wanting to come off as an un-cultured villager, one would rather shy away than engage in something as hoity-toity as Pinot Noir or Sangiovese.

Let me set things straight; the reality behind it is plain and simple; if you can smell you can taste wine! As a matter of fact, 75% percent of wine tasting is done through the nose as smell makes up that percentage of your taste perception! Assuming you know how to use your nose, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

As with anything else that you ingest, you are concerned about two things:

1. Is anything wrong with it (e.g if it’s gone off)?


2. What kind and how much flavour does it have?


To this regard you use the colour (appearance), smell (nose/bouquet) and taste (palate) of the wine to judge it.

Looking at the appearance, you should tilt your glass at a 45 degree angle and place a white piece of paper behind it to bring out the colour. For the nose, swirling around the wine in the glass bulb agitates the individual particles allowing you to smell the various nuances much easier. And for the palate you should let the wine run all over your tongue to ensure all the different taste buds pick up as much as they can.

It’s really that simple!

However, just like with anything else, you wouldn’t exactly know much about it when you start off, but the more you practice the more you will!

Keep in mind at all times that wine is all about you! Whatever you like is a good wine.

As time goes by, I shall walk you through the specifics of each step of the tasting process, but as for now, just keep drinking any and every kind of wine you can!


Yours in wine…


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