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Pinot Gris

Twice now I’ve tried this wine, and twice I’ve been impressed. The first was a tasting at The Wine Shop where it wasn’t one of the wines we were to try, but it just so happened they had an open bottle available; and I am not one to pass up any chance to taste a new wine. Second time around was this weekend when having an impromptu tasting with a bunch of friends. Having made such an initial impression, I was keen to determine whether it had merely been an erroneous flirt, or if a full bottle would end at the same conclusion…

The Wine Shop had thoughtfully placed some bottles in the fridge just in case one of their patrons proved too eager to wait to chill it themselves. As if by fate, we also happened to move on to that specific wine simply moments before the sushi we’d ordered arrived! Talk about serendipity.

Remarkably pungent, the grapes that go into this wine underwent minimal skin contact followed by a cold fermentation. The result is a fruit driven and well-balanced delight.

I picked up lavish kiwi fruit and pears on the nose that came off as light and delicate. On the palate I got lengthy lime and generous fruit weight that made the wine feel rather rich, yet all the same delicate. Another sip and I got floral honeydew. What I further liked about the wine was that the acidity didn’t steal the show but rather played a supplementary role to the fruit. And with the sushi, the acidity dutifully cleansed the palate off the fatty salmon!

Going for Ksh 3,490.00 it’s certainly a great find!


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