How much do you spend on wine?

Since November 2013, I’ve spent a monthly average on wine of 15.75 % out of all my income, handouts, booty discovered, manna from heaven and liquidated assets (you get the picture)! I keep detailed reports on everything I spend on.

I’m truly surprised by this, despite the fact that I did give myself a minimum target of spending 15 % each month on wine. The reason for my shock is exactly what you are thinking: I do go crazy some months; for example spending up to 63.85 % in December 2013 (it had to be a December), but on others, I’m a complete miser, spending a paltry 0.7 % in May 2014 (I’m even more surprised that I survived through such a troubled month 🙁 ). I guess that is the power of averages huh?

The real amount spent per month does vary considerably, nevertheless if you consider that despite what’s happening in my life I’m choosing to start working with an average monthly budget of about 85 % for necessities, emergencies, entertainment, savings and other expenses (who even wants to guess what I was eating in December 2013 😛 ), that’s quite something. Often all that stands between me and survival is my incredible support system.

Further still, there is no correlation between what I spend in a month and how much wine I drink…. Okay, maybe a minor positive one. I gain infinite pleasure collecting bottles that shall only be opened at an, often, undetermined future date where I will either revel or regret their showing (both forming part of the unbridled fun of cellaring). Also I am not the biggest fan of drinking alone (ehhhh… today is an exception, I’m simply trying to stay awake for what is going to be a long night).  Other times though, with the aid of my support system and networks I drink paralytic-aly without as much as raising a finger or wallet.

My greatest pleasure in wine lies in experiencing new/ different flavours (actual tasting) that arise from different wine making techniques and regions. To sustain this need to experiment is why I effected my target, ensuring I am consistently tasting new wines and refining my palate. As a result, I often “buy-up” (purchase wines priced higher than I would ordinarily buy or be comfortable spending) to the delight of wine stores and distributors.

How much do you spend on wine? What are you comfortable spending on a bottle of wine? Can we squeeze a little bit more to discover more gems?

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