Kenya, there’s a new Kid On The Block!

Kenyans have been yearning for a change to the ‘Panty dropper’ scene. It seems Crown Beverages have had their ears to the ground because they have brought us Redd’s Vodka Lemon, a sweet and sassy party starter.

Introduced a month ago, this drink is performing extremely well, and their tag line, ‘Reinvent the night’ reveals what the drink is all about, before you even taste it.

A quick glance of the bottle shows that design was key in the production of this beverage, and the continuity of the brand for years to come. The green bottle is a showcase of playful yellow and black; evoking a certain air of cool and masculinity to prove that the drink truly was made for the man and the woman.


A variant of the Redd’s Original Apple beverage, this one has two key ingredients that make it stand out – Lemon and Vodka. At 7% alcohol content, I can personally attest that this drink is no joke! It has a fresh, clean, citrus taste….one that leaves you wondering if your consuming alcohol at all!

I attended the media launch at the Aqua Blu Lounge in Westlands, by Crown Beverages in conjunction with the local marketing industry Mavericks, Yellowmoon Marketing. I can say this drink came in with a big bang.

If you know Aqua Blu, you know the venue underwent a complete transformation, into the ultimate party scene. I noted the theme was a play on a crime scene, shown by the signature yellow and black tape warning people that there was nothing but fun and hard partying within. Unlike the usual ‘Crime Scene’, their tape actually read, ‘Caution! Get the party Started!’ It got me excited I can tell you… Therein we were entertained by sounds from the popular DJ Protégé, and the Master of Ceremony Cess Mutungi tied it all together. A short, impact-full launch, that left guests ordering it by the nickname RVL by the end of the night.

Luckily, the bottle is returnable (unlike most of the drinks in the Crown Beverages portfolio) and retails at KES 250, of course, depending on your location.

Honestly, 3 bottles of this down the line and I realised I needed to down a tumbler of water before proceeding to my shot of tequila! You don’t need to drink a six pack to ‘reinvent your night’ trust me.

If you don’t do Vodka, I strongly recommend you stick to your beverage of choice. The taste may fool you, but the effects as I came to witness first hand (that hangover was killer) are real…

So the next time you come visit Kenya, try order an RVL and see if you won’t make Kenya your party destination of choice!

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