Racy Cecily

I’ve always had two minds about people who name their wines after themselves or someone they know. On the one side, that’s a tall order to encapsulate a person in a bottle; who’s to say that the wine or person is worthy? On the other, you freaking own a wine farm, you can do what ever the hell you want!! 😛

The Du Preez family, owners of Beau Constantia, South Africa, have named all their wines after their nuclear family and soon to be retiring (which is greatly unfortunate) farm manager, Japie Bronnbeau_constantia_-_cecily1

Having only met their matriarch, Cecily, who was once described as an aging senile woman (something that she absolutely does not resemble!!!) by the waiter serving her own wine when asked to explain it further, it feels they might be on to something here.

As I had liked the 2011 (read about it here), I was equally impressed with their recent 2014 vintage that was fermented in French oak (25 % new) and aged further on the lees for 5.5 months. This 100% Viognier is forward with aromatic blossoms, displaying ripe peaches layered in rich cream. The palate itself was leaner than the nose implied, showing concentrated lemon zest freshness as the backbone of the tropical fruit. The finish reminded me of lemon meringue coupled with some notable heat (heat is the burning sensation from alcohol that you get at the back of your throat. The wine is a whopping 14 %!!).

Definitely bold and sexy, and something you won’t soon forget, I felt it lacked a little finesse, which would otherwise have made it as exceptional as the lady.

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