I needed a Rosè: cheery and a great quaffer (some would argue that should be their only purpose, and even if that would be the case, execution is never that straight forward). Pricing point needed to be very “reasonable” (hahaha incredibly vague quantification, but you know what I mean). Furthermore, it needed to be from the old world yet appeal to a mostly “emerging” palate

bg_roseanjou_bo_13Seating on a precariously high bar stool while running on a belly laced simply with water, the Barton & Guestier Passeport D’Anjou 2013 beamed in a glass before me. The glass perspired satisfyingly, a light salmon pink substance confined within: it certainly looked the part!

A sales pitch reverberated in the room as the wine begun hurtling towards my nose, stopping mere millimetres short. Inhaling deeply, only faint nondescript vinous whiffs were first registered. I was beginning to get cold feet. Second inhalation in, I picked up some subtle mineral and earthy notes. This showed promise…

Flowing between my slightly puckered lips, the wine glided on to my tongue, washing over thousands of taste buds revealing a rather smart wine as shock and adoration lit up within me. Juicy ripe fruit, think raspberries mixed with fresh tangerine. Lingering behind this was candy floss and honey (represented by some slight sweetness). What astounding concentration of flavour despite its shy nose. I suspect it’s actually off dry, but skilfully integrated with its fresh acidity.

I believe it’s a clever wine, perfect for a hot sunny afternoon or simply gathered around a group. Oh, it’s a blend of Cabernet Franc and Grolleau.


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