Tuesday Trickle

gvg_fl_grI was feeling a little parched last night, and seeing how it was Tuesday, it could easily have degenerated into gin and tonics like last week. Luckily, my council last night was a little less “self-flagellating” than my previous one. ūüėÄ Though in both instances great fun was had all around.

We settled on take out from Big Square, whose grilled chicken was deliciously satisfying, and a bottle of wine from Mega Wine &¬†Spirits’ new store¬†in Lavington Green Mall.

I was initially going to go for a Sauvignon Blanc in light of the Sauntering Sauvignon tasting I’ll be hosting at home this coming weekend, but my council’s wisdom shown again suggesting a¬†Gr√ľner Veltliner from Austria¬†based on the seductive¬†flute bottle. Imagine my surprise to possibly taste a second bottle in just a matter of months? Happy days. (Read about the other¬†Gr√ľner Veltliner I tried here.)

This expression came from producer Nigl and in particular out of their Gärtling range. Being a 2013 and still as fresh as spring, I suspect it knew only stainless steel in its production.

It had rich aromatics and was abundantly fruit driven with a mash-up of grape fruit, kiwi and passion. It also showed a bit of depth on the mid palate, and a stone fruit edge from the bottle age. A simple and cheerful drink that only sets you back Ksh 1,800.00. Great value in my eyes.


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