Well crafted Chardonnay

Back in Burgundy (in terms of wine and not physically being there) I got to try a wine from producer Prosper Maufoux. This particular expression came from vineyards in Côte de Beaune, particularly Meursault; the land of rich creamy Chardonnays. They stand completely apart from their Chablis relations that are more steely and mineral. It was a 2011 vintage.

from www.wijnkoperij-de-hermitage.nl

The wine was a bright mid golden hue, with a modest green tint. On the nose it lead with aromatic vanilla. Equally visibly behind it was lush yellow fruit and spicy nutmeg. Somewhere in its depths I picked up an ever so slight vegetative character; almost like wild herbs that, in fact, added to its layers. The palate followed through this time showing more cream and lime acidity that made it enthusiastically fresh. Spicy cardamoms, caramel and sour peach was left lingering in your mouth long after you had ingested it.

The level of skill employed in the oaking regime of this wine was outstanding. Each flavour seemed to be born perfectly from the last, in a continually lengthy harmonious delight.

You can purchase the wine from Berries & Barrels at Yaya Centre on the second floor.

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