Listing a Curse

A lot of things are never meant to last: and this can be for the better or worse. Case in point the flamingo populations of Lake Nakuru that used to number in the millions! What a spectacle they were: a sea of pink cast against the Yellow – backed Acacia (Acacia xanthophloea or Fever Tree) ridden scenery with countless buffalo roaming between.

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Now, due to untamable industrial effluence been let to run unabated into the lake 1 or the rising water levels which desalinates the water mass making it difficult for their food source, algae, to grow 2 3(experts and their uncertainties), they had all but gone! Though for the sake of accuracy, this is not a historically abnormality with their numbers having shown no long-term trend 4. Luckily, it remains a seeming sanctuary for a good Rhino population, yet thanks to man again, nothing like they used to be…

In this situation, a unified conviction from us to conserve something greatly intertwined with our heritage, or for those capitalists, the source of millions through tourist inflows, we can cause a significant resurgence.

Finding a way to liken this to wine, as I often do, results in “not all wines can or should be aged“, with man often playing the culprit, once more. A good number are made to be drunk within a few months to a year or so after production. Importantly, that is not to say they aren’t good quality: they are simply fresh, fruity and fun, and should be drunk as such… Think hot sunny weekends or light drink before a heavy meal. Kept too long they lose their charm and become dreadfully dull, which is an abysmal injustice.

Whether caused by low patron demand or inerudite beverage managers; hotels and restaurants need to find creative ways of moving stagnated stock, else the producer brands suffer when customers taste their wines, turning listings into curses.

Dropping prices may be a hard sell with margin targets; however, ever thought of hiking the price to position the wine correctly? How about offering “specialised” tastings or pairings as revelry afternoon pastimes to engage guests; or end of vintage themed extravaganzas? What of preparing dishes with it and factoring the cost into the pricing; or maybe selling it off by the glass; or perhaps having a special page for them… Something, anything, just ensure you make use of the wine while it’s still showing its best.


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