Painted Wolf

I am a big fan of The Painted Wolf Roussanne. In fact, if you see it, don’t ask, just buy it. So while standing on one of the aisles at Wines of the World, Kileleshwa, I was torn desperately to go for the safe and known route with it. Well, I’m not made that way, and the prospect of trying something different got the better of me; as it often does.

I picked the Chenin Blanc, same producer, that was seated right next to it. It was a 2012 vintage, which I didn’t think was too old. Moreover, part of it was fermented with wild yeast and in seasoned barrels. It had the makings of sheer intrigue.


Fast forwarding getting home, chilling it, working, a little snack, and the wine is seating in stemware in front of me. The colour is a defined golden hue, rather inviting to say the least. On the nose, there’s honey, marzipan (confectionery made from almonds, sugar and egg) andĀ tangerine. The palate hasĀ unfortunately lost most of the fruit, leaving only tart lemon type acidity with a short finish. I do picked up some ginger and minerality, but the overall impression isn’t as majestic as I had hoped for. Rather disappointed. But I will eventually try another bottle just in case it was just this particular one.


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